Our Pledge We are committed to strictly ethical business practices, taking pride in transparency, integrity and fairness, with the goal of bettering society, culture and the quality of life, in collaboration with people around the globe.

Core Values

Chifure innovates to enrich people’s lives through its products and services.

  1. We embrace diversity based on shared values and mutual respect, welcoming a global variety of cultural perspectives.
  2. Our corporate culture encourages employees to fulfill their unique potential while enjoying fresh challenges, confident that Chifure’s review policy is fair and unbiased.
  3. We recognize that customer satisfaction and corporate profit must go hand-in-hand: Chifure grows as a healthy business when our customers live more fulfilling lives.

Note: “Chifure” and “we” in the above text refer to Chifure Corporation, headquartered in Japan.

Our Management Principles

  1. We promptly disclose information of importance to consumers.
  2. We are committed to delivering high quality at a fair and reasonable price.
  3. In the belief that all life has value, we strive to preserve the Earth’s natural environment and contribute to a sustainable future.