At Chifure Corporation, we place our customers’ safety and well-being before anything else. Here we will explain how we maintain our standards of safety throughout our production process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging the final products.

Our Approach to Safety

Our Commitment to Raw Materials

Chifure Corporation's skin care products are fragrance-free and color-free. All raw materials used in the formula are selected based on our rigorous standards that extend beyond standard Japanese regulation. Our fundamental policy is to use raw materials with a proven history for safety. We adopt a higher safety standard than is normally set for pharmaceutical products for the residual solvents in our products. We also investigate the traceability of those materials, tracking back to the derivation of the product and the method of production.

Our Concept of Additives

At Chifure Corporation we have lead the way for other companies by providing fragrance-free and color-free products, disclosing all ingredients to maintain the customer’s peace of mind, as well as actively contributing to environmental protection. Due to these initiatives, some think our products are “additive-free,” however, we do not use the term “additive-free cosmetics” to describe our products because those terms do not clearly explain which ingredients were extracted from the product to make it “additive-free.” At Chifure Corporation, some additives such as preservatives, surfactants, mineral oil and tar-based dyes are used where appropriate with necessary volume after confirming the safety of those materials.

Safety, Stability & Effectiveness Testing

In our R&D laboratory, we run safety, stability, and effectiveness tests on our products during the development of each formula. We also conduct tests during the final stage, once a product is complete.

In addition to patch and continuous use tests, which are required by safety regulations, we conduct other tests as necessary. During the stability test, the performance of the product is tracked under various temperature conditions at each stage of development for more than 6 months. During the effectiveness test, we evaluate whether the product’s intended purpose and effectiveness has been achieved.

For make-up product tests, which are carried out frequently, we set shock resistance standards for each kind of product and conduct tests with the expected actual use conditions to confirm the product’s durability during the product development.

Our Production Process

How Kawagoe Factory Supports Product Safety

At Chifure Corporation, most of our products are manufactured in our own factory in Japan. At the Kawagoe Factory, we are constantly engaging various initiatives to provide safe and secure products at reasonable prices.

Our Quality Management System

At the Kawagoe Factory, we operate manufacturing under our own strict quality control system according to GMP standards*1. In December 2003, we acquired ISO 9001 certification*2, establishing a quality management system to maintain high quality standards. While we implement and maintain this system daily, we continually strive to improve our quality management.

*1 The GMP standard defines what the industry must comply with as a means of quality assurance, including the safety of pharmaceutical products, foods, cosmetic products, etc.

*2 The ISO 9001 is an international standard for the quality management system, which is utilized to respond to customers' concerns through quality assurance of products and services.

Quality Inspection

At the Kawagoe Factory, we conduct strict quality controls and inspections in order to provide safe and secure products with reasonable prices for our customers. Starting with the inspection of raw materials received at our warehouse (including other materials and sub-materials during the manufacturing process) we conduct component analysis and microorganism inspection. In addition to this, we conduct tests concerning color and texture on the human skin by certified inspectors for the sensory evaluation test. During the final production process, a visual inspection is conducted by inspectors for each package individually.

Our Proactive Approach

Listening and Responding to Our Customers

It’s important to us that we make our products and service better based on our customers’ opinions. We listen to our customers’ voices as much as possible in order to understand their point of view regarding our products. We communicate with our customers actively, through our stores nationwide as well as the questions or concerns received via toll-free customer service and e-mail. This interaction provides us with valuable insight that can be shared with our company and used to create future innovation and improvement of our products and services.

Quality Change Inspection for Inventory Samples

We monitor our manufactured products regularly (by the production lot) to ensure the level of quality meets our standards. In order to provide accurate information on quality, we keep samples for more than 5 years after production. We will monitor the sample even after shipping so that our customers can use them with confidence.