4-Step Skincare Routine

Basic steps for skincare

Has your skincare routine only involved cleansing and moisturizing until now? Maybe you’ve been using your beauty products without caring what order you use them in?
We at Chifure believe there are four necessary steps involved in effective skincare. Each beauty product plays an important role, designed to be used in a particular order for maximum effect. Correctly looking after your skin not only improves the look and feel of your skin, but it will also help your makeup stay on — and stand out — and even improve your mood.
Achieve healthier skin and get the most out of your Chifure skincare products by following these four simple steps. 


Step 1 Cleanser — Remove makeup
The purpose of cleanser is to remove makeup — foundation, lipstick, mascara etc. Oil-based makeup can’t be effectively removed with soap or face wash. When you try to remove it forcibly, the rubbing can irritate your skin, causing unnecessary damage. The ingredients in our cleansing solution are designed to melt into stubborn makeup, dissolving it and allowing it to be removed with ease.
To use, simply apply a suitable amount (depending on which cleanser you use) directly to your skin and gently wipe or wash off until all makeup has been removed. 
Step 2 Face-wash — Thoroughly cleanse the skin
The purpose of face-washing is to return the skin to its natural state — clean and balanced. A film of oil is often left on the skin after using a cleansing solution or makeup remover. A face-wash strips away that film of oil while also removing unwanted residue left on the skin such as perspiration, dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt. Oil and other unwanted buildup can cause acne and rough skin. With residue on your skin, none of your other skin care products can work as effectively — no matter how wonderful they are.
When washing your face it’s important to remember not to rub (which can harm the skin). Instead, work the face wash into a foam, then rinse thoroughly using plenty of cool or lukewarm water until your skin is free of all foam. 


Step 3 Moisturizing Lotion — Replenish skin with moisture
After washing your face, the skin can become dry as moisture evaporates from its surface. Moisturizing lotion allows the nourishing ingredients the skin needs to fight dehydration and roughness, restoring essential long-lasting hydration. Emulsion and cream alone can’t sufficiently replenish the skin to its deeper layers. Caring for your skin with a moisturizing lotion will make your skin smooth and fine while improving its ability to retain moisture throughout the day.
After washing your face in the morning and at night, take an adequate amount of moisturizing lotion on a cotton pad or your hand, and gently apply it over your whole face. 
Step 4 Emulsion / Moisturizing cream — Protect the skin’s surface with oil
The role of emulsion and moisturizing cream is to protect the skin’s surface with a light film of oil. It prevents the moisturizing lotion’s replenishing ingredients from evaporating and keeps the skin hydrated and supple. There is no difference between the role of emulsion and moisturizing cream. Use your instincts to choose the best option for your particular skin type. Remember to be mindful of your skin’s condition or the season.
Both emulsion and moisturizing cream are primarily for night-time use. However, use them as needed if you feel your skin is dry. Using too much emulsion and moisturizing cream may cause foundation and makeup to smudge, so use sparingly before applying makeup. 

Products needed for a simple skincare routine

Step 1: Cleanser
Step 2:
Step 3:
Moisturizing Lotion
Step 4:
Emulsion / Moisturizing cream